Unlimited lash count

Full Set $160.00


To keep your extensions looking their best, it is important to maintain them with regular fills. Classic Lash refills can only be done if 40% of the lash extensions are still intact from your last appointment. If less than 40% of lash extensions are left, a new full set will be required.


2 week Refill $70.00
3 week Refill $80.00
4 week Refill $90.00


Removals $45.00


Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

coming soon…

Proper aftercare is essential to ensure healthy eyelash extensions. With the proper care, you will be able to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions.

For the first 24 hours:
  • Do not touch or play with the new lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing the eye area.
  • No oil based makeup removers and cleansers.
  • Avoid the following: Water, Saunas, Heat, Tanning
Long term care instructions:
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, or picking at the eyelashes.
  • Be gentle when washing your face.
  • Do brush your lashes daily to keep them looking nice & neat.
  • Do not use oil-based products around the eye area including makeup, eye creams, serums, lotions, etc.
  • Do not point the shower water directly on your face.
  • Do not apply mascara on eyelash extensions.
  • Do not tint, perm, or curl your eyelash extensions.
  • Do not come in contact with extreme heat such as ovens, blow dryers, and lighters. Extreme heat exposure can loosen the curl of the extensions.
  • Do not attempt to remove eyelashes yourself.
  • Book refills in 2 to 3 week intervals. Before your fill, give your lashes a good wash for better retention. Oil, dirt, and makeup residue can prevent the glue from adhering properly.